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Drupal 7 Modules You Should Install (And Uninstall)

Drupal 7 Modules

If you are running Drupal 7, then the list of modules you’ll be installing is a bit different from previous versions. Much of the functionality of modules like CCK is now included in Drupal Core, and that has made a significant impact on the way we develop Drupal sites in D7.

Following is a list of modules that should probably be installed on all D7 sites. While all developers will certainly have their own pet modules they always use, the attempt here is to come up with those modules which are virtually universally needed.

How to Turn Your Social Marketing Campaign Into A Train Wreck

If you want to waste a ton of time and money and really fail at social media marketing, I have some excellent advice: start up a legitimate social media campaign or newsletter, spend a bunch of money on advertising, build a website or two, sign up for TwitterMySpaceFacebook, and then get distracted after a few weeks and blow it off. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about on this one. This approach will never work.