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Portfolio List

Brightwell Payments

This website is built using Drupal 7, and features a dynamic homepage slider, multiple targeted conversion forms, dynamic custom content types for press releases and news hits, views lists, and contextual conversion points.

Website Development: rDialogue
Drupal CMS implementation with automatically updated social feeds from Twitter, Flickr, RetailWire, and internal blog posts.
Humorbot - Drupal 7 CMS

This site is built in Drupal 7 and utilizes a machine-learning algorithm to optimize content according to the way users surf the site. The site makes extensive use of the Views 3 and taxonomy modules to display targeted lists and slide shows.

Website Development: AHT Interiors

Website project using custom PHP/CSS template.

GSMA Mobile Asia Congress Email

This email targeted the Chinese mobile manufacturing and mobile infrastructure industry. The challenge was to develop and deploy the email in double-byte characters without causing ASCII substitution problems. Most development and email systems used in the United States do not support the Mandarin character set out of the box, and so special modifications had to be made to deploy emails in double-byte and triple-byte (Korean) character sets.