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Portfolio List

Unibind Premium Customer Email

This email became the control for the company when it increased sales by 1000% over previous offers. The email generated increased interest in purchasing items, and allowed sales reps to upsell customers to higher levels so they could qualify for higher gift levels.

RE/MAX Supplier Email

This email was developed to sell the Unibind Binding system and supplies internally within the RE/MAX agent network utilizing their approved supplier system. This system allows participating suppliers to market products to agents. However, the emails must be approved by RE/MAX corporate before sending and there is a limit to the number that can be sent per month.

Website Development: SBS Benefits
The SBS Benefits website features a Drupal CMS system utilizing a customized theme.
SBS Benefits Radio

This email was developed to promote the SBS Benefits Radio Program that focused on employee benefits, legal issues, regulatory compliance, and financial issues.The radio program was also promoted as a podcast and available via the company's customer website.

GSMA Mobile Asia Congress Email

This email targeted the Chinese mobile manufacturing and mobile infrastructure industry. The challenge was to develop and deploy the email in double-byte characters without causing ASCII substitution problems. Most development and email systems used in the United States do not support the Mandarin character set out of the box, and so special modifications had to be made to deploy emails in double-byte and triple-byte (Korean) character sets.