Drupal Views for Developers

If the original intent of Views was to insulate the non-technical Drupal Administrator from all this programming mumbo jumbo (as I suspect it was) then the developers clearly missed their flight. Views is more of a development tool than it is a CMS functionality, and therefore it is something that PHP developers who work on Drupal sites should be familiar with.

Drupal Views – A Quick Explanation for Non-developers

Regardless of your background in PHP development, if you’ve played around with the Drupal CMS system at any length, you’ve undoubtedly run into this crazy piece of functionality called “Views”. Usually end-users hit this when there is an element on their webpage they want to change but when they click on the little “gear” icon to modify the block, they discover that there is no content in the block to change. It appears to be empty in the administrator screen, but when viewed on the live site there is data in the block. Where does it come from?